Metalúrgica RRS was founded in November, 27th 1987, aiming to attend, immediately, the cast demand of a company from the hydraulic pumps market, which had to turn to neighbor towns to have its assembly line provided. At this point, three friends were sharing the same dream and goal: to establish a small business to attend the needs and help the recovery of another company that was already working with the insolvent’s estate system.

RRS started its activity in January, 1990, in a small rented building and had, at that moment, two employees and the partners working as one, situation where everyone worked for only one client, but with assured quality. During the first year, one of the friends left the company once he had only joined the business to help out during the beginning, because he was already partner in another business and he didn’t have the interest to keep on the partnership due to his lack of time and knowledge on this market. As the demand of this client was limited, RRS started to search for new clients and discovered a very promising market and with a supply need. Propelled by this potential, RRS searched, constantly for investments in continuous improvement and always focusing the client. With this policy, the outcome was positive: and constant growth, new equipments and an increase in the employment number. The rented building was now small to shelter the company. It was bought a bigger area, where a shed was built and in January 1990, RRS start operating in its own facility and free of the rent payment it was possible to increase the investments in improvements and enlargements, focusing always on the client satisfaction, quality assurance and cost reduction. Year after year the company kept growing. Nowadays, the company counts with about 70 (seventy) employees and only one remaining partner from the ones who started the company. The investments are still being made in improvements. The foundry market, especially, the one compounded by micro and small companies is discredited concerning the delivery punctuality and responsibility. With that in mind, RRS believe in consciousness-raising and qualification of its employees, purchasing new machinery and equipments and improvement in process and management, aiming the product quality and trust of the clients. RRS intends to be part of the solution instead of being part of the problem.




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