• Produce parts in cast iron and its alloys with assured quality, trying to meet our customers' expectations and needs as part of the solution and never the problem. 



• Reference in the foundry industry for the quality of both our products and our human relationships, whether personal or business.

- Reciprocate the trust of our customers, meeting their needs, on a technical, operational, personal and ethical.

- We recognize and value our employees always aimed, as far as possible, to meet all your expectations and needs, in return for the confidence placed in us.




HONOR - Comply with the commitments given and the word independent of the situation.

DIGNITY - Respect and value the dignity of persons, regardless of who they are.

RESPECT - Know the limits of each, within its capacity

EMPATHY - recognize and respect the needs of all employees and customers.

TRANSPARENCY - Be transparent and objective in commitments.

DEDICATION - Know who are our customers and serve beyond their expectations.

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - Recognize and address the needs of our employees, investing in their welfare, always seeking to provide quality of life.

HEALTH - Primar for health and well being of our employees.

CONTINUING EDUCATION - Search and provide steady growth, both technically and human.

UNION - To provide and develop the satisfaction of being part of our team.

COOPERATION - Delegate and responsibilities and fulfill them;

EFFICIENCY - Working with responsibility, dedication and commitment.

QUALITY - Primar the quality of our products, implementing continuous improvement, always seeking to be reference in all that we take, do and accomplish.

ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY - Respect the environment always looking for alternative to alleviate the negative impact.



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Rua Lazaro Kinock, 194 - Leme /SP

CEP 13615-300

Fones: (19) 3554-9100